Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council



Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council (VPCCC) Description:


The VPCCC is an incorporated association of car clubs and car enthusiasts that have joined together for a common purpose.  The VPCCC is a non-governing body and is a not-for profit organization.  Membership is voluntary and members may withdraw at any time.



VPCCC Purpose:


To exchange information between clubs/car enthusiasts and to keep the public informed regarding events of interest.

To create a voice for the hobby at the local, statewide, and national level; particularly in regards to legislative matters.

To promote a good public image for the hobby.

To provide assistance to clubs requesting help (EX: forming a club, increasing membership, activities, newsletters, by-laws, organizational structure, etc.).




The official name will be the “Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council”. More commonly referred to as “VPCCC” or the “Council”.


Definition of a “club” (For Membership in VPCCC):


Must have a minimum of five (5) members.

Must have evidence of an “organizational” structure” (EX: officers, by-laws, charter, etc.).


Definition of a “business” (For Membership in VPCCC):


Must have a Business License, Incorporation Certificate, or have filed with IRS as a business.


Application for Club/Business Membership:


Any club or business, in the local or Peninsula area of Virginia, desiring to become a member of VPCCC must complete a Membership Application and submit it along with the dues to the VPCCC Officers. (While our focus is the local area, each application will be done on a case-by-case basis.) The VPCCC Officers will verify that the application is complete, verify the information provided (if deemed necessary) and present the application (along with their recommendation) to the general membership for approval/denial at the next business meeting.



Application for Associate Membership:


Any enthusiast may become an associate member of the VPCCC if accepted by the voting membership. The individual must submit an application for membership benefits and dues, but cannot vote on matters before the council.




Annual dues are $10 per club or enthusiast (associate member). Business dues are $25 or higher depending on their donation wishes. They are due by January 31st. If dues are not received by March 1st, the entity is considered “in arrears” and not entitled to vote on any matters, or enjoy any other benefits of membership until dues are paid.


Voting on All Matters:


At any meeting of VPCCC each club in attendance will have one vote regardless of the size of the entity. Each member club is to appoint a “Delegate” to vote at meetings on the club’s behalf. Each club should also appoint an “Alternate” or supply a club roster, which would list possible delegates.  If the Chairman/President deems it necessary, the “Voting Delegates” will be asked to identify themselves at the beginning of the meeting.  A delegate can only represent one club. A simple majority vote of the delegates present at a meeting will carry each issue unless a provision of these bylaws stipulates differently.




VPCCC will have the following elected officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Should the council deem it necessary the Treasurer/Secretary position may be combined and held by one person. Elected Officers may be Delegates of their respective clubs. There is NO Board of Directors (Voting Delegates will serve as this body at every meeting of VPCCC).


President- Conducts all meetings…creates necessary committees…appoints committee heads…is automatically a member of all committees…schedules meetings of the officers as needed…leads by example. The president will only vote in the case of a tie.


Vice-President- Acts for the President in his/her absence, or when requested by the President, and replaces the President if the President resigns or is unable/unwilling to perform the duties of the position.


Treasurer- Keeps all financial records and reports to the Officers and membership as requested…collects all dues…pays all bills…maintains the Roster of VPCCC Members.


Secretary- Keeps the minutes of all meetings and reports to the Officers and membership as requested…mails/informs all member clubs (EX: their delegates), Officers, and other Members of upcoming meetings and events.


In the event that any Officers (other than the President) resigns, or is unable/unwilling to perform the duties of the position, the Membership may vote to name a replacement at the next VPCCC meeting.




Nomination/Election of Officers will take place at the November VPCCC Membership meeting. A “Nominating Committee” will be established each year by the President to present a list of possible candidates for each position. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. Election will be by ballot unless a candidate runs un-opposed. Term of office is one year, from the first of January to the end of December of the following year.




The VPCCC will meet the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Exception - there shall be no meeting in Dec.




The President may create committees as needed.




Clubs are responsible for selecting a delegate to represent the club and act on their behalf at the VPCCC Council Meetings.  Delegates are responsible for taking notes, voicing club opinions and voting on all measures brought before the council.  They are then responsible for passing on all information such as activities, shows, meetings, laws, etc., presented during the council meetings to their club officers and members as soon as practicable (e-mail, telephone, meetings).  This is to ensure that all clubs are represented and are active participants in the VPCCC decisions and activities. 


If a delegate cannot attend a council meeting, it’s in the delegate and club’s best interest to appoint a substitute. 


Changes or Additions to By-laws:


Bylaws can be amended at a regular membership meeting after written notice of the proposed change, including proposed language, has been given to all Officers at least 14 days in advance of the meeting.

Proposed changes must then be introduced at a regular membership meeting, to hold an open discussion. If a motion is made to vote on the changes, a vote will be held at the next meeting.

An annual review of by-laws will be accomplished by the officers by April 15th each year.


Expulsion or Cancellation of Membership:


If the Officers and Delegates agree by a two-thirds vote that a Club, Delegate, Officer, or Associate Member should be expelled for valid reasons then this expulsion becomes effective immediately. This vote can only take place at a regularly scheduled Membership meeting and only after every Club, VPCCC Officer and the party in question have received notice to this special proposal at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. The term “valid reasons” is to denote actions contrary to the purpose of VPCCC and/or actions deemed hostile to the car hobby. At this meeting the party in question will have the opportunity to defend their actions/position after the accusations are stated and before the vote. Those expelled will not have guest privileges and will not be eligible for future membership.

Clubs, delegates, officers and associate members may withdraw membership at any time.






 In the event the VPCCC is dissolved for any reason; all property and assets of the council shall be donated to a charity as designated by the membership.  No member shall derive any benefit or profit in the event the council is dissolved. Personal property shall revert to the original owner unless donated to the council.



The council will not be held responsible for any personal injuries or property damage occurring during or as a result of council functions.



VPCCC President;    ________________              Harold D. Hartel


VPCCC Secretary;              ________                                     Larry Hanson               


Signed             _____/______/______



Mailing address is:


                        C/O Hal Hartel

                        100 Kayla Ct.

                        Yorktown, Va.

                        2 3 6 9 3